About Me

Robert Whitehead is a toy photographer creating exciting content for brands such as Fortnite, Lego, Roblox, Minecraft and many others.

I’ve always loved creating miniature worlds, and telling a story using toys. I find it fascinating that so many of us have a connection to these little pieces of plastic, and I really enjoy creating stories with them. I never thought it could turn into a career. But my background in fine art and photography, combined with my experience in TV production and as a director has enabled me to become an international toy photographer with some major brands, including LEGO and Jazwares.

“SHUNDEEZ” Meaning:



– A term of appreciation

– Thank you

– Just plain cool

– Equivalent for “all good” or “lekka”

–  Local Durban/South African slang. The term can basically be used whenever you are proud/happy for someone for achieving something.

Mate 1: “Hey man, check this sweet Lego picture I took.”

Mate 2: “Bro, that’s shundeez!”